Our mission is to record experiences and to learn from them by recalling, sharing and discussing. Our vision is to make a hub of best practice sharing.


Our methodology is to focus on seemingly unimportant practical things from everyday work life. Hundreds of those little things come together and make biggest achievements happen.

FOR THE LOVE FOR OUR PROFESSION is a non-profit project. We provide full version of the content for free, unlike most consulting companies which publish abstract success stories on their website, and then ask for payment for concrete advice.


My name is Alper Ayhan. I am currently heading procurement in a large brewing group in Russia.  I have experience in raw materials, packaging, and indirect categories, and also tough change projects like company merger, reorganization of procurement department, redesigning of processes, launching a shared service center, and outsourcing.

Project History started its journey with a humble beginning on 30 June 2017 as a personal blog about learnings from procurement work. The vision is boarding in other professionals, and making a hub of best practice sharing.

How can you contribute?

Are you a procurement professional or a negotiator? Have you got some interesting experience or a challenge which you would like to share with others? Looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave a message!